Fees and Additional Charges Schedule

Standard Usage Fees


Hourly / Daily rates

BMW i3

Hourly rate: £9.00
Day rate (24 hours): £60.00

Nissan E-NV200

Hourly rate: £11.00
Day rate (24 hours): £60.00

Nissan Leaf

Hourly rate: £7.50
Day rate (24 hours): £50.00



 * See EVie Service Terms and Conditions

Additional Charges


By joining EVie, you agree to pay EVie’s costs, charges, fees and expenses set out in the EVie Service Terms and Conditions, including specifically and without limitation those set forth in this Fees and Additional Charges Schedule. The following is not exhaustive and other specific fees, costs and charges may apply. The parties agree these charges are a genuine estimate of the costs likely to be incurred by EVie in the event of the Member taking any of the actions described herein.


Late Return Fee: £35 per hour (up to a maximum of £105), plus the vehicle usage charges.


Low Charge Fee £35 if you return a vehicle with less than 25 miles of charge.


Ignition Key Replacement If you lose the key, the replacement fee is £75 plus costs for materials and labour.
Reservation Changes There is no charge if you cancel or shorten your reservation within the required advanced notice. However, you will be charged the full amount for your reservation if you do not give the required advanced notice. See Charges for cancelled or shortened reservations below.
Special Cleaning Fee Should you leave the vehicle in a state that requires cleaning as a result of your use of the vehicle, there is a Minimum £35 fee.
Personal Assistance Fee If you speak to a member of the EVie team to make, amend or extend a reservation, there is a £1.50 assistance fee
Tickets/Violation Processing Fee You are responsible for paying any parking tickets and moving violations incurred during your reservation. If we receive a notice and process a violation, you will be charged a £15 processing fee in addition to the fine itself.

Damage Fees and Damage Fee Waivers

Damage Fee Up to £500 to cover the costs related to an accident. Members aged 23+ may qualify to purchase a damage fee waiver to reduce or eliminate your damage fee.
Damage Fee Waiver


If you are involved in an accident you will be charged up to the maximum amount of your Damage Fee unless you have purchased a DFW. The Damage Fee is subject to change at EVie’s discretion. Please see the Rate Schedule applicable to your driving plan for your current maximum Damage Fee. Please note that, as provided in EVie Service Terms and Conditions, a Member may be responsible for all applicable damages and costs, including those in excess of the applicable Damage Fee, arising from the Member’s failure to comply with the terms of the Contract.


Charges for cancelled or shortened reservations

All charges will be cancelled or refunded for a reservation


of less than 8 hours cancelled or changed 3 hours or more before the reservation was scheduled to begin
8 hours or longer cancelled or shortened 24 hours or more before the reservation is scheduled to begin
You will be obligated to pay for the entire amount of the original reservation For a reservation of less than 8 hours, if you cancel or shorten it less than 3 hours before it is scheduled to begin.
 8 hours or longer, if you cancel less than 24 hours before it is scheduled to
In addition, Members will be charged a £1.50 Customer Service Assistance fee for reservations, extensions or cancellations which are made by an EVie Customer Services representative and not through the EVie app.



General Fee: For any violation of EVie Rules, members may be charged a general fee of up to £150 per violation. In addition, the member may be charged for any costs incurred by EVie (including all repair and recovery costs, legal fees, including, without limitation, legal fees)

  1. Anytime a visit to the vehicle is required as a result of EVie Service Terms and Conditions violation or otherwise as the result of actions of the Member or
  2. For any other failure by a Member to comply with any provision of the EVie Service Terms and Conditions, other than those Rules for which a specific fee or charge is specifically provided in the EVie Service Terms and Conditions
  3. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you will be charged a fee for any oversight, omission, or negligence on your part that inconveniences EVie or other members, such as
  • losing the keys to a vehicle,
  • failing to turn off a vehicle’s headlights,
  • failing to plug in an electric-powered vehicle at the end of reservation where charging stations are available at Designated EVie Parking Spots,
  • causing or permitting damage to a vehicle which requires repair or cleaning of such vehicle (internal or external),
  • returning a vehicle to the wrong place or leaving the car in a restricted parking zone,
  • not paying a parking ticket,
  • failing to advise EVie immediately of any theft, vandalism or damage relating to the vehicle, etc.

Members charged for such costs shall be entitled to an itemised list of charges. Members may be charged for estimated costs pending final repair.